Thursday, April 1, 2010

Award Gratitude

A quick but very special thanks to those of you in Blogville who have been so kind, so thoughtful; to designate me as the recipient of some really neat little awards (Sunshine & Beautiful Blog).  I learn something new about Blogging every day.  Another way to connect, to uplift and to brighten someone's day ; )

Little Blog 'Shouts-Out' to:
Mrs. Nellie McCarthy of McCarthy Designs
Mrs. Angela Walker of Angela Walker Jewelry
Ms. Kim of WhiteWhispers2u

Take a couple cute little minutes and check out their blogs; you'll be glad you paid these lovely (and talented!) ladies a visit!



  1. Hi Donna, Thanks for sharing these wonderful blogs. They are for sure lovely and so talented!
    Have a wonderful Easter!
    Ciao Bella,
    Hugs, Li

  2. Hi Donna
    Thank you for visiting my blog, really glad to have found yours too.

  3. Ciao cara,
    Grazie per Essere passata di uno trovarmi, mi ha Fatto Molto Piacere!
    A presto, Anna.

  4. Congratulations on your wonderful awards Donatella! You are such a sweet blogger and your blog is gorgeous!! I am already a follower of lovely Nellie's blog but will make sure to visit both Angela's and Kim's. Thanks for directing us to these lovely blogs:) Happy Easter to you ~ Tina xx

  5. Congratulations on your awards, they are well deserved! Thank you so much for your lovely mention of my blog. You are just too wonderful! Have a lovely Easter! xx

  6. Congratulations - the awards are very well-deserved! Happy Easter!

  7. Congratulations - you deserve it and more - you are always so kind with your visits and comments.

  8. Dear Donna, Sending a Bunny hug and wishing
    you and all your loved ones a very Beautiful Easter Sunday. Yvonne

  9. You seem to be so at home here in Blogland! I'm so glad, because I find it to be such a happy place.

  10. Bonjour Donatello,
    COngratulations on your well deserved award, you do have a beautiful blog.
    Wishing you and yours and wonderful Easter weekend!

  11. Congratulations on your so so deserved awards. Wishing you a most lovely Easter weekend with your family. Hope there will be a lot of sunshine and chocolate eggs, many many chocolate eggs... ;o)
    Off to check out these 3 lovely ladies... xoxo

  12. Hi Donatella!
    Congratulations on your wonderful awards - I'll be sure to pop by and visit the friends you've mentioned.
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter!

  13. Congratulations on your awards!

    I hope you have a lovely and blessed Easter!


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