Monday, April 19, 2010

Sixth Published Photo Game

My Blogger friend Brenda over at Cozy Little House (who’s beautiful photos and clean, cozy blog you must see!) invited me to participate in an interesting little bit of Blogging Fun (Thanks Brenda!) ; to go back in time and select the sixth ever photo published in a blog, from my blog and to then “re-purpose it”; bring it current, bring it forward with perhaps a little splash of new ideas…

Here goes:Faux_Headboard[1]

This faux headboard from daughter’s room is still there, but the rainy weather that I’d encountered the day it was originally posted is long-gone ; )  Sunny and beautiful weather as of late, and moving into yet even warmer days.

If ever I find another such piece I know I will have to snatch it.  This one never seems to get old…

Here are 10 other Blogger Friends that I am inviting now, as Brenda had asked of me- to travel back in time and gather up their sixth ever published/ posted photo!

1.) My sister LuLu at DustyLu

2.) Anna at Lon de Anna

3.) Flaviana at La Maison de Lilas

4.) Mara at Home Shabby Home

5.) Mel at The Musing Magpie

6.) Nellie at McCarthy Designs

7.) Rory at The Greentiques Solution

8.) Trish at Homemade Quilts by Granny

9.) Li at Creamy White

10.) Maggie at The White Farmhouse 

Have fun!



  1. Sweet and simple and I love the patina, wonderful idea! Makes me wonder what my sixth one was...

  2. It sounds like fun, thanks for thinking of me. I have no idea what it could be so it will be interesting to see what my sixth photo is. I am glad that you are feeling better! xx

  3. What a sweet idea! What a great picture to share with us! I would be horrified to find out what my sixth picture is... I am positive it's not that great!

  4. Dear Donna! thank you for thinking of me!!!! Your sixth photo is gorgeous! Well, I've already taken part to this games and actually it was me who invited Brenda!!! But that's amazing! It means that this game has travelled all over the world! and that's the meaning of it: friendship! Isn't this beautiful?

  5. Thanks lovely...Think Tina from Rubies place beat you to it in tagging mine posted up...was fun to do x

  6. That was a wonderful find! I'd have snatched it up too! Happy Tuesday.

  7. Donatella, you gorgeous girl! That bedpost is lovely, I wish I could find one similar..
    ahh..I'd love to do it again but I've been tagged last week by Zaira.. small world uh ??

  8. Oh you are so sweet to include me! I feel so honored! Now to go and find that sixth pic. Boy, I hope it is not a pic of dirty laundry or something!

  9. I love the headboard. It's so clean and chic. Hope things are going well. Have a fantastic day!

  10. Hi Donatella - I absolutely love the simplicity of this piece - it gives me peace. Lovely, lovely and lovely,

  11. Beautiful picture !! Donna........................Have a great evening hugs from me...............Ria

  12. I remember this Donatella, I think this is when I started to follow you. Love the simplicity, very Pretty.

  13. Hi Donna! Thank you so much for thinking of me!!!
    Sounda like fun this game! Love the headboard Donna!Now I have to wonder about my suxth photo...
    Hugs, Ciao,
    Li ~

  14. Such a pretty piece! I'd grab one of those if I saw it. Thanks for playing along!

  15. love this idea..hope you are feeling better from the flu....

  16. I love that piece! Sending well thoughts your way!

  17. I'm so jealous you are enjoying sunny weather. Today was a gloomy here, but we might get some sunshine this weekend!

  18. Clever head board, Enjoy the Sun while you have it. I've been in the yard yesterday and today.Hope the flu is gone. Take care yvonneb

  19. beautiful! what a fun idea also! I found a wonderful headboard similar to this that I *hope* my hubby will make real soon for our new place! :)

  20. Very creative! I would snatch one up too if I found one! Glad you stopped by again.

  21. What a fun game, I hope you were able to figure out how to make a mosaic.


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