Monday, March 29, 2010

Springtime Picture Spree

First of all, a quick but heartfelt thanks to my sweet litle sister Lu; the party she hosted was such a good time!  Our closest family and friends were there, we had some good fun and wine and lots of laughter!  If we must get a little older, best to have something like this and family to share it with. 

You are appreciated LuLu and I love you.  Thank you too for all of those little birthday well-wishes I got from some of my blogging friends~

Next, some outdoor photos from around my backyard. The weather here has been sunny and temperate and overall, just beautiful.  Springtime is upon us and Easter is near at hand, getting outside a bit seemed like the right thing to do!

Wagon wheel theme 1

Wooden Chair and Bckt

Rusty Lantern

Rusty Lantern, Glass


  1. Awww Happy Birthday Donna, Sounds like you had a great day, xoxo, Cheryl

  2. happy birthday lady... i love your sweet blog... so fresh.

  3. I love it! I love it! I love it! It looks so good! You know what I am talking about! ~lulu

  4. Oh Happy Belated birthday Donatella..sisters are just the bestest of best friends you can ever have...I have 5

  5. hello Donatella!
    I've heard from your darling sister LULU that you just celebrated your birthday. Happy birthday to you!! I wish you another year..or better..many many more years of love and happiness and success. Your blog is so fresh and happy and beautiful! I'll be a follower !
    xxx Flaviana

  6. Your Springtime Pictures are gorgeous! Am I recognizing your beautiful header?!! Have a happy day, Donatella. xoxo

  7. Your pictures always leave me wanting to see more of your house and now yard. Love your pic of you and Lu on your side bar. You are just beautiful!

  8. Hi Donatella, I know I'm late, but I want to wish you Happy Birthday!!!! Buon Compleanno, bella!!!!

  9. I also wish you a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! There's nothing like spending it with good friends and family!! Enjoy your Tuesday!!!

  10. Awh hope you had a great birthday!

  11. Hope you had a super birthday and love your backyard images.

  12. Love the look
    it's all Maine looking.
    Great finds and Have a belated Birthday wish from me.


  13. Happy belated Birthday Donatella!
    Health and happiness,

  14. A little birdie told me it was your birthday. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. You are so fortunate to have such a close and loving relationship with your sister. Don't ever take that for granted.

    Happy Birthday, and many more!


  15. So nice Donna. Here it's warming up...I hope by Easter is going to be even better!
    By for now and have a wonderful week!
    Li :-)

  16. What a sweet sister you've got ;) Happy Birthday!

  17. Happy Birthday! The pic of you and your sis is just so so sweet. What a blessing you two are to each other! Love your outdoor space. That birdhouse and pierced tin lantern are wonderful!

  18. I love the whimsical and rustic touches in your yard! Now that's my kind of outdoor decorating.

  19. Happy Birthday!Hope you had a great day.The picture of you and sis...I am guessing you are the one on the right with brown hair.Yes or no.Its good to see you are so close.God Bless Trish

  20. Your photos are gorgeous and your yard looks great! I am glad to hear that you had a wonderful Birthday! xx

  21. Eat Cake! Be Happy! Salute! ~Cheers Kim

  22. Donatella,
    I wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday! My husband's birthday was the 29th. He wished he could have watched UFC : ))))) Your yard looks so cute! I love that picture of you and Lulu together! You both are so sweet! I feel lucky to know you guys (even if it is through the computer)
    Have a great day!
    Take CAre,

  23. Sorry, I meant to say the 28th, I was rereading it and I don't know why I put the 29th, Hope you are having a great day, and wishing you Easter Blessings!
    Take Care,

  24. G'Day Donna~I am sending you a Beautiful Blogger Award if you would like see me @ ~Cheers Kim

  25. CONGRAULATIONS on your BEAUTIFUL blogger AWARD from Kim :)
    You deserve it.
    I was just popping in to see your latest blog, my Mom would love that wagon wheel the lantern and well she would love it all.
    Keep inspiring us the way you do.

  26. The items in your yard make it look so tranquil. Great finds!

  27. Happy Belated Birthday!! Sounds like you had a great time! And I love the photos from your yard!! Actually I love your whole blog. I'm definitely a follower now! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm glad you like what you see!! :)


  28. Thanks for stopping by and wishing me get well wishes.

    so you had a birthday...Happy belated birthday.
    I love the rustics things you posted.I also posted to follo you.

    Have a happy Easter.

  29. Hi Donatella,
    Just catching up with everyone while I was away. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter, and the Easter bunny came too! I'll bet that spread loads of laughter and fun around.

    Love your backyard. I can't wait to be able to get outside and enjoy our yard! And I collect lanterns too. So much fun for parties at night!

    Have a wonderful spring day!


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