Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Harvest of Hearts

I love hearts and heart-shapes (and have always loved Valentine's Day- I suppose though- what woman doesn't!), and decided to share some things that I've known, or found that represent them, or warm them.
Duplicated in nature and generated by the creativity of the artist and photographer alike.

Some whose shapes tend this way often,

...and some so often not....
Did you know the interesting aspects described in some Nordic Mythology that reference heart-shapes in the beuaty of a woman's physique?  Stories of The Vikings are one of my husband's favorites (as his German and English heritage inspire him in there); I've enjoyed learning about their association of hearts with the female anatomy, and their passion...
Speaking of passion; a poem (what a Valentine! I received this in the mail shortly after my husband and I first met):
And the sexy Viking author...
Heart-to-heart and hand-in-hand...


  1. What a romantic! I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing it with all of us! Love your heart pics too :)

  2. Lucky you your hubby is quite the looker. Not that I wouldn't expect anything less from a beauty like you! Love the swans. My oldest is always on the lookout for heart shapes. She found a potato once that was heart shaped.

  3. How endearing and lovely! There is something to be said about how delicate the shape of a heart is as well as how fragile it is within love. Thank you for the inspiring message.


  4. Beautiful sister! i look forward to your posts! Talent must run in the family..lol~lulu

  5. I love all the pictures & heart shapes. I collect hearts, among other items. Your husband is very handsome and quite deserving of you!

    Happy Valentine's Day ~

  6. Love all the hearts, and what a hubby to send you the poem! And put your oranges in a pretty crystal bowl! Wow, not to mention he is pretty good looking to boot. Have a wonderful week, and I know the two of you will have a very romantic Valentine's Day!


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