Monday, January 18, 2010

Rainy Day, Cozy Day

Home today with the fireplace turned on and some delcious chicken soup on the stove; it's an incredible rainy day, but sure is cozy inside. They say it's never supposed to rain in Southern California, but we sure can use it ; ) This kind of weather sort of makes you want to stay in and cook, bake & eat!  Nothing like a comfy day at home to inspire some new pictures of some things I hope you'll enjoy.

Lovely faux headboard that hangs securely against the wall above my daughters bed~

 Hanging in front of her closet  is this chandelier (I removed the old sliding glass doors and replaced them with the pretty lace curtains)~

And on her vanity, this ornate hairbrush set on thick lace doily~


  1. Looks great! love the wall shelf with the hyrdangeas! lulu

  2. Ok, I came I drooled I saw. Now you and Lulu need to come over to my house and decorate! Love your blog and your style. This is just what I am hoping to incorporate into my home.

  3. I came over from your sister's site...I am so glad that I did...your blog is wonderful!!!

    I wish you all the best with your new are going to love blogging!!!


  4. Popping over from DustyLu! So excited to see what you come up with over here...I can tell I like your style :)


  5. DustyLu said to come over and visit....Sure am glad I did! your decor is Fabulous! Welcome to BlogLand!

  6. Saw your comments at Maggie's and headed on over. Loving the chippy paint and vintage pieces ~ I will be back!

  7. You daughter has a beautiful room! I am sure she has sweet dreams every single night in such beautiful surroundings!


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